Aldwych Partners’ Co-Founder and Partner Andrew Taylor has been featured in an article for PaRR, the news service which provides global intelligence, analysis and data on competition law and sector-specific regulatory change.

Andrew provides commentary in the article, which focuses on how the UK government should not lose time in setting up a new Digital Markets Unit (DMU), around where the DMU should be placed, saying:  “Ofcom’s skillset and culture are attuned to the task of a long-term regulation of a specific industry, which makes it a better home for the DMU than the CMA.”

He also discusses how the remedies from the CMA need to be implemented “as a whole, rather than piecemeal”. He notes: “For example, the proposed Code of Conduct will be more effective if it sits alongside more intrusive remedies that can be deployed if compliance with the Code is problematic.”

PaRR uses a network of reporters to provide up to the minute information around regulatory action and policy shifts, and closely tracks how regulatory changes are adopted and implemented, as well as providing breaking news on antitrust enforcement, merger reviews, and litigation.

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