Aldwych Partners is proud to release its new white paper looking at managing the risk of CMA intervention when using Buy and Build strategies.

Buy-and-builds, by consolidating businesses in a single industry, are inherently at risk of CMA intervention. CMA reviews are costly, adversely impacting on business performance and integration plans, even when an acquisition is unconditionally cleared. With buy-and-builds, the CMA has multiple opportunities to intervene given the multiple acquisitions being made.

This unique risk profile for buy-and-builds is why we have produced a white paper that focuses on managing the risk of CMA intervention for businesses with ‘buy-and-build’ strategies.

The paper draws on our experience as former competition regulators, and our research on buy-and-builds, to identify opportunities that can mitigate the risk of CMA intervention for these platforms.

It contains practical advice around:
• The likelihood of deals being called-in by the CMA
• Influencing the CMA’s view of a market
• How to best engage with the CMA
• Drivers of CMA review costs

To obtain your copy request it from here.