Andrew Taylor writes on increased NHS labour costs for HSJ

Andrew Taylor, a partner at Aldwych Partners, has written for the Health Service Journal (HSJ) this week on how efforts to clear the elective care backlog are likely to feed into higher clinician labour costs, even without a national pay rise. Clinicians willing to work extra time are likely to gravitate to those opportunities where…

Increased NHS staff costs to bite into Health & Social Care Levy

While the NHS will get much of the money from the new Health & Social Care Levy in the next three years, yesterday’s Health Service Journal (HSJ) reported that senior NHS management expect it to be unable to deliver many of the goals in 2019’s Long Term Plan. A fundamental problem for the NHS is…

Agency price caps: one year on

Almost a year has passed since the Government’s plans for agency price caps were first reported. At the time, I asked whether staffing agencies were really ripping off the NHS, and whether capping agency rates was likely to save the NHS money. Christopher Cook, from BBC Newsnight, asked similar questions as did others. NHS Improvement, however, has now said that…

Does coordinated action against staffing agencies breach competition law?

In the last few days I have written about using competition rules to address ‘egregious’ pricing by agencies that supply temporary staff to the NHS, and the possibility that capping agency payments may not be effective in reducing labour costs for the NHS. I thought it was worth completing the trifecta by considering whether the NHS’s plans…

Will capping agency rates save the NHS money?

Amongst the talk in recent days of capping the ‘egregious’ prices charged to NHS organisations by staffing agencies, it isn’t clear to me whether the discussion is about capping the amount paid to temporary staff, the fees charged by agencies, or perhaps both. The critcism of agency behaviour seems to imply that the capping should be…

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Buy-and-Build Strategies: Managing the risk of UK Competition and Markets Authority intervention

This paper draws on our experience as former competition regulators, and our research on buy-and-builds, to identify opportunities that can mitigate the risk of CMA intervention for these platforms.

It contains practical advice around:

  • The likelihood of deals being called-in by the CMA
  • Influencing the CMA’s view of a market
  • How to best engage with the CMA
  • Drivers of CMA review costs

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