Advising on regulation and competition

Aldwych Partners helps clients respond to regulatory initiatives that impact on competitive markets.

Regulation, while well-intended, can often have unintended effects on competition, consumer choice and business costs. We help our clients put together evidence that is persuasive in influencing the development of regulatory frameworks.

Our recent experience includes work in pharmaceuticals, packaging waste and public health.

In pharmaceuticals, we helped develop proposals for a new regulatory framework to facilitate the use of combination therapies, which use two drugs in combination to treat patients. Our proposals address the competition law constraints on companies negotiating a single price for the combined treatment and regulatory rules that would price these therapies out of the market.

In packaging waste, market design flaws have allowed some recyclers to drive up prices for businesses that need to ensure the recycling of their packaging waste. We identified weaknesses in market oversight arrangements and helped our client make representations to government.

In public health, restrictions on food promotions are being put in place as part of a wider push for healthier eating and addressing obesity. These restrictions are also likely to have a significant impact on industry revenues and the viability of certain food production sites. We helped our client provide evidence of these effects and propose adjustments to the new regulatory regime.

Aldwych Partners has built-up an in-depth understanding of the health sector that provides a strong base from which to offer regulatory policy due diligence, as required for M&A transactions. For example, we have supplied the report that reviews regulatory policy for the vendor of a major clinical staffing agency in the UK.